lonely Beta


lonely Beta

Length: 03hrs 44mins 36 episodesCompleted
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"Please, don't do this" begged Levi but Clement was still shocked at the revelation, but he was sure of one thing. he couldn't let anyone find out about this. He turned his eyes bloodshot in anger "I, Clement Alexander Black. reject you Levi Kevin King as my mate" the words shocked Levi his hand falling on his side an intense pain erupted in his chest, and a moan of pain left his lips falling on the ground but Clement didn't dare turn back even when he heard his begging voice "Alex, please I love you" he pleaded but Clement feet moved away from him, he didn't want to see the pain, he was causing the man, because he was not gay, and he was not going to let Levi turn him into one.


  • LGBT+
  • dominant
  • twisted
  • city
  • childhood crush
  • rejected
  • mxm


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