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"Strip!" "What- what do you mean?" The devil was extremely domineering and forced her to the corner a little bit, saying every word, "I will pay you as much as you want." The young girl was tearful and very pitiful, "I will never sell my body for money!" "But all I want is you." The next day, "I own you, you better repay me today." The cold voice echoed in her ears, and she got into his car helplessly for her sick grandmother. What's even more cheating is that the contract was written in German, and she didn't pay any attention when it was signed. The man opened the door of the master bedroom, and then threw her into the bed roughly, his face was cold. "Pay off your debts." He didn't say anything else, but she knew what he wanted to say to her, those words were, "Use your body to pay off the depts..." He tortured her for three entire days without giving her a break! "Ah! Evil perverted man! You will die painfully!" She cried pitifully underneath him. The Domineering President saves her again and again, "Master Darius, I am very grateful but please let me go." "You think thank you is enough for me. I want you now!" After sleeping with him, she tried to run but got caught again, she again found herself in his bedroom underneath him, she cried pitifully, "Let me go, you shameless man!" "Never...." . . . DARIUS KING, the ruthless heir of the King family, when he first meet Eda he was completely obsessed. He knew that himself but couldn't help but want her more and more. But she was too young to accompany him, so he left the country for years to control himself only no matter what he couldn't forget about her. After meeting her unexpectedly, he tried his best not to touch her but failed again and again. And before he knew it, she was already in his bed begging for mercy to let go of her. But there is no way he is going to set her free so easily. He will trap her into his most dangerous Trap. "Darius King, one day I will escape you."


  • dark
  • possessive
  • sex
  • age gap
  • forced
  • pregnant
  • arrogant
  • manipulative
  • bxg
  • Romance


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