Saving Her Hybrid Mate


Saving Her Hybrid Mate

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Ember has grown up believing she had no wolf, magic or dragon. Her twin, Ash, on the other hand has had it all. Deciding it best to transfer to a human high school, she ends up meeting her mate, a hybrid just like her. Her mate brings out her dormant wolf and Ember's life starts to unravel. She thought she would be happier once she got her wolf, instead her life has only gotten more complicated. Having been decieved before, Ember has a hard time accepting the mate bond. Can she overcome her past to find happiness with her mate? Can he overcome his darkness and help bring Ember out of hers? *********************** I went to grab the microscope from the center of the table at the same time Toni did. Our hands touched and my head started to ring loudly... a terrible headache brewing. Where his hand touched mine felt like fireworks were going off. My hairs stood on my arms, goosebumps running through me.  I grabbed my head from all the ringing. It was so loud and strong. I squeezed at my temples, wincing.  "Mate" Toni's wolf said so silently I almost didn't hear it.  I started getting dizzy, my head was spinning and my vision was tunneling. Can I have a mate? I don't even have a wolf. Shouldn't he be with someone with a wolf?  "Ember?" His voice rang in my ear, but it was too late. I was falling out of my chair, passing out. I felt him catch me before I hit the floor, his touch sent fireworks through me, before the darkness took me.


  • Fantasy
  • HE
  • weredragon
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • highschool
  • pack
  • addiction


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