Five Island Cove Boxed Set (1 - 3)


Five Island Cove Boxed Set (1 - 3)

Length: 27hrs 25mins 94 episodesCompleted
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Take a vacation any time of year in the seaside town of Five Island Cove! Meet five best friends as they reunite after years apart and rekindle their strong bond with one another, weather storms, and uncover secrets that have been lying dormant for decades. 1. The Lighthouse: After the death of a childhood loved one, five best friends reunite in the small coastal town of Five Island Cove. One doesn't expect to find love with a high school crush. Another isn't prepared to find the strength she needs to take control of her life. And none of them are ready for the secrets they'll uncover at the lighthouse. As the truth comes to light, these five best friends will learn what really matters: friendship, family, and faith. 2. The Summer Sand Pact: These five best friends made a Summer Sand Pact as teens and have only kept it once or twice—until they reunite decades later and renew their agreement to meet in Five Island Cove every summer. Get ready for more secrets to come to light in Five Island Cove, and for these five women to show each other what it means to love and support someone through thick and thin. 3. The Cliffside Inn: Spend another month in Five Island Cove and experience an amazing adventure between five best friends, the challenges they face, the secrets threatening to come between them, and their undying support of each other.


  • friendship
  • Romance


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