Alpha And The Phoenix


Alpha And The Phoenix

Length: 09hrs 10mins 65 episodesCompleted
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Two wild eyes stared at me from the thick shadows, with their salvage eyes sharply visible due to the darkness around as they were ignited by the tiny rays of moonlight that came into the thick forest. Certainly that was no normal animal, I could see its large eyes and shadow of the black fur springing out of the thick darkness, then I saw its huge size as it stood upright before my face. I felt a heavy pound on my chest, at sight of the dreadful beast, with it's deep rumbling at me then stood shocked as my breath was slowly leaving. It was like I was poked by a sharp spear through my chest as I went void of thought. Standing speechless, I thought of giving in since there was no escape, because what was standing before me looked like the worst way to die. If this was my last breath, it should not be taken so easily, if this was my last moment to live it should not be gone while standing in fear. I knew no one could find me here so even if I had to die, It had to be why trying, it could be that in the process, a chance to live could be offered.


  • Paranormal
  • adventure
  • revenge
  • serious
  • mystery
  • straight
  • bold
  • brilliant
  • werewolves
  • non-hunman lead
  • realistic earth


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