Rejecting my Alpha


Rejecting my Alpha

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I cleared my throat hoping to get his attention but he didn’t even lift his eyes to look at me. “Adrian but why am I even here?” I asked. My question might be a bit stupid and out of place but given the way he treated me right now I simply didn’t fit her. He didn’t seem to have any intention of talking to me or even looking at me so why did he bring me with him? “Alpha.” He replied to me with one word and I didn’t understand what he meant. “Excuse me?” I asked him. “It’s Alpha Adrian. Not Adrian.” He explained in a stern voice. His eyes are still fixed on the papers in front of him. Those words sort of hurt. I was supposed to be his Luna, not the one addressing him by his title but for now I tried to swallow my tongue and follow his words. “I am sorry Alpha Adrian. Why did you bring me here? You don’t seem to be very interested in me.” I asked another question. His face seemed to be sort of irritated and finally he lifted his eyes and looked deeply into mine. “I brought you here because you are my mate. You are here because you are Luna of this pack. I hope this clears your questions for now. Now if you will excuse me I have a lot of work to do since I had to go pick you myself. Sit and wait until Emmet comes to pick you up.” This was the longest speech he had had since we left the office of my old Alpha. I totally dislike the tone he talked to me and also the explanation he gave me. Like I might be his mate and Luna of this pack but it wasn’t like he had to take me with him if he wasn’t interested about me. Something inside of me still hoped that maybe he was just trying to act tough or maybe he just still saw me too young to have any relationship since the age gap between us was nine years.


  • sex
  • age gap
  • second chance
  • independent
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • city
  • pack
  • abuse
  • cheating
  • supernatural
  • Romance


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