My Broken Knight


My Broken Knight

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William was a true believer when it came to the ways of the heart. He set off into a brutal war for seven years, haunted by the death of his friend and the horrors he had seen, his true love Vanessa the only thing keeping him warm in the cold northern kingdom Seeka. He promised to return and marry her, but she broke his heart. Vanessa is already married, telling him that only a lord was good enough for her. William swears off love forever, but what happens when he becomes the private guard to the beautiful princess Grace? Grace is the only daughter of king Richard, ruler of Etheria. She is forced to marry to an old king, who can bring the country back on its feet. It means no true love for Grace. Only loneliness. Grace still has her heart set on love, but what happens when her heart starts beating for her knight Sir William? "Do you not believe in love?" she asked. "Do you?" I asked. She smiled a beautiful smile. The sun getting caught in her golden hair and the wind slightly biting her cheeks. "Of course," she said. "Even if I don't get to experience it. It is real. I have seen it. Haven't you?" I thought over her question for a little while, before looking over her shoulder towards the little lake in front of us. "Believing in love is like believing in magic ... It is isn't real. It is just another fairytale for kids."


  • arranged marriage
  • sensitive
  • kickass heroine
  • princess
  • warrior
  • drama
  • bxg
  • royal
  • another world
  • betrayal
  • passionate
  • Romance


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