The Billionaire's Weakness


The Billionaire's Weakness

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*COMPLETED* Sequel to The Billionaire's Pearl Ring. Franco Toretti. The man, the legend, the monster. Yes, monster, because his vile ways of torture would make the regular school bully look like your best friend. I haven't seen him in ages, and despite hearing his name every now and then, I absolutely refused to listen to what was being said, or search online for an update. I was hoping though, that nowadays Franco might be sporting a receding hairline and a beer belly that would put the Teletubbies to shame. Unfortunately my fantasy couldn't be farther from the truth, because there he is, taller than a f*****g sequoia tree, with all his jet black hair intact and carefully styled, his green eyes as enchanting as they always were, and his pouty lips that have my own twitching to taste them. I can't see his abdomen because the man is fully clothed, but even a blind bat could see that there is no beer belly in sight. I caught a glimpse of Franco smiling, and for a second there was this boy again, the boy that I fell in love with and gave my heart to, only to get it returned in pieces.


  • billionaire
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • comedy
  • bxg
  • first love
  • illness
  • lies
  • rejected
  • secrets
  • stubborn
  • Romance


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