Stalker On Mountain Ridge


Stalker On Mountain Ridge

Length: 10hrs 18mins 41 episodesCompleted
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Avery Campbell had it all, a blossoming career as a fiction writer, a wealthy, successful husband, a fairytale cottage in the mountains, and a circle of friends she considered family. Aside from a deep, lingering attraction to her best friend Jonah Elias, her life was perfect. Then everything changed… When a motorcycle accident claims the life of her husband, Avery inexplicably becomes the target of a stalker and ends up fighting for her own life following a shooting at a local festival. Jonah steps up, volunteering to care for her after she is released, hoping when she’s recovered they can explore the feelings between them. Things don’t go exactly as he plans… The change in plans pushes the stalker to pursue Avery more aggressively. Even with Jonah by Avery’s side twenty-four hours a day, the stalker is determined to end her life even if it means killing them all.


  • murder
  • friends to lovers
  • goodgirl
  • independent
  • drama
  • bxg
  • city
  • disappearance
  • actor
  • friends
  • Romance


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