The Moon Lie[Audioshorts]


The Moon Lie[Audioshorts]

Length: 05mins 5 episodesCompleted
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Ugly, fat, disgusting…everyone on campus looked down on her and no one loved her. Even so, the fat girl is always upbeat and kind to everyone. She also has a secret, secretly in love with the most handsome boy on campus. One day, the secret was discovered and everyone laughed at her, at this time she felt deeply humiliated, and her heart broke into a million pieces. So she ran away. After a while, she came back, and she became so beautiful, it seemed that she was not the same person as the fat girl before. Her crush also noticed a difference in her. Can this overweight girl finally find her own happiness? The Beauty Awakening will give you the answer.


  • Paranormal
  • drama
  • poor to rich
  • weak to strong


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