Surprising the Bully[Audioshorts]


Surprising the Bully[Audioshorts]

Length: 07mins 5 episodesCompleted
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"No! I reject you." Shocking! The handsome bad boy was rejected by the girl he mistreated before. Keira was a self-abasement oversized girl whose beauty is hidden in the bagged clothes. But one day her new friend found it and let it out! Keira’s bully started noticing that there was more to Keira than just being a nerd. How could a simple makeover make her this charming vixen that captures his imagination? When did she start to invade his fantasies? Watch as this girl goes from the class joke to a person full of confidence and desirability, surprising her bully by being the kind of person she has always been inside. How can this bad boy get his girl's heart?


  • opposites attract
  • goodgirl
  • highschool
  • Romance


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