Starting Over


Starting Over

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Cameron Lynn Harper is your typical college student, or is she? She quickly starts to learn that something isn't right. The timeline doesn't match up with her memory. Soon things start to happen that has her confused. Others know what happened but won't tell her or haven't met them yet. At least, she doesn't think she's ever met them, has she? A few excerpts from the story: "Your work clothes?" He asked me. "Yeah, you know, the clothes I was wearing when you saw me earlier at my work when you were begging for me to take you back? I sure the f**k wasn't wearing a nightgown, Clayton." I snapped at him and stood up from the chair. "What kind of creep are you?" I asked him before he had a chance to say anything back. "What?" He asked dumbfoundedly. "You heard me? What kind of disgusting pervert are you? To bring me home and strip me from my clothes and put me into a nightgown that I've never seen? Where the hell did this even come from?" I asked him, almost shouting, killing my head even more as I pulled at the gown with my hand. "The clothes you were in got really muddy in the alley. I didn't want to get your bed all muddy." He tried to explain but I wasn't hearing it. "This isn't even mine!" I shouted at him. "Leave!" I shouted, not giving him a chance to say anything, and pointed towards the door. "Cam, please. I would never do anything...." He started to say but I just shook my head, taking the ice pack from my cheek. "I said get out!" I shouted at him again. --- "I like you, Cam." He said to me in a slightly seductive voice causing my legs to suddenly feel weakened for some unknown reason. He slowly brought himself closer to me, so close that his lips softly grazed over mine. He felt so cold, almost deathly cold and it made absolutely no sense to me yet felt so familiar at the same time. So many things about him seem familiar yet I have no idea why. How is any of this possible? "Let me kiss you." He said softly as he moved his lips across mine softly till they pressed softly in the corner of my mouth for a kiss. "Please don't. You're scaring me," I told him in such a soft voice that I wasn't sure if he could hear me. "Don't be. I don't bite...hard." He joked as he smiled but I couldn't find the humor in what he said. --- "Claudia, what's wrong? Why did we need to come in here?" I asked her as soon as the door was closed so Cameron couldn't hear our discussion. "I know what is different with her blood." She responded in shock. "Is it because of what we did to her?" I asked her and she nodded her head. "I've never seen this happen before, probably because it's never been done before but her blood is literally a strong addicting aphrodisiac to a vampire. The scent and taste of it will be very enticing and addicting." She told me and I stood there, frozen at the words she had spoken. "What is in it to cause it to do that?" I asked her and she walked over to a chair and sat down. The fact that she had to sit down because of this, was enough for me to want to sit down with her. She was scaring me with what could be wrong with Cameron. I've almost lost her twice, technically, and I can't lose her again. "Her blood, of course, is already hybrid blood because of her genetics that involved the unicorn blood and her ancestors which already gives it its unique scent and taste but there's more. It's been altered." She continued and I sat there waiting anxiously and impatiently. Will Cameron ever learn the truth? Read to find out!


  • possessive
  • sex
  • second chance
  • mate
  • dominant
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • vampire
  • supernatural
  • Romance


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