The Hidden Heiress


The Hidden Heiress

Length: 27hrs 00mins 249 episodesCompleted
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*Daily Update* "Elliot, say something!! Why are you not saying anything!? You told me you loved me!!" I cry out and ask Elliot to help me, but he just looks in the other direction. Romola, laughs at me. "Girl, why are you talking to him? How can you even think that Elliot would love some orphan like you. Quit dreaming. He loves only me. Did you hear me!! He loves only me!!" Romola says to me, staking her claim on Elliot. I won't believe her words. I will only believe those things if Elliot says it. I know he won't say those words to me. I know he loves me!! "Baby, why don't you say this to her, I think she wants to hear it from your mouth" Romola says to Elliot. Hearing her, Elliot looks at me and says the words that completely changed my life.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • possessive
  • heir/heiress
  • tragedy
  • campus
  • first love
  • rejected
  • naive


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