Her Billionaire


Her Billionaire

Length: 08hrs 15mins 48 episodesCompleted
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Harassed by her best friend's ex and forced to leave her company, Adelia Jones could not have been more shocked when the Billionaire Jackson Grey's presented her a marriage proposal after just one uneventful encounter. Problems arise when she realises that the proposal was not for the sake of feelings or love but for money and much deep plans. Will things work out between the two after the truth is revealed and will their secrets from their pasts allow them to stay as one? Read to find out. __ "I know you hate me now" he spoke "but you must understand how it will do good for the both of us." "curse the good for both of us!" I barely completed my sentence through gritted teeth, "I want divorce!" __ He was her mistake... She was his prized possession... __


  • billionaire
  • love after marriage
  • opposites attract
  • sensitive
  • powerful
  • comedy
  • bxg
  • seductive
  • stubborn
  • Romance


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