Rebirth:Regain my CEO husband’s love


Rebirth:Regain my CEO husband’s love

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Have you ever been betrayed by the person you trusted the most? I'm going through it. Two months ago, I was hospitalized with food poisoning and my husband Derek left all his work to take care of me. I thought it was his love for me and was very touched by it, but I didn't realize it was all a conspiracy between Derek and his lover. I was not poisoned by food, but by my husband, who imprisoned me and then tricked me into handing over the huge inheritance my father had left me. In the most desperate moment, I chose to commit suicide. At the last moment of my life, my ex-husband Richard gave his life to protect me. By a miraculous fate, I was given a second chance and I was reborn back to the past. Richard, in this life, I will love you deeply.


  • Fantasy
  • billionaire
  • second chance
  • goodgirl
  • brave
  • self-improved
  • CEO
  • city
  • rebirth/reborn


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