Killing My Alpha Mate


Killing My Alpha Mate

Length: 16hrs 47mins 130 episodesCompleted
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"I, Jaden Perry, the future Alpha of the Red Moon Pack hereby reject you, Hailey Stewarts as my mate and Luna of my pack. Do you agree with this full mind and body?". A smile crossed her face as she said, "Sure. I agree." Hailey had one mission all through her life and that was to take revenge on her father's murderer- Jaden Perry but what happens when she he turns out to be her mate. How will she make him pay for all his sins? Will he earn her forgiveness? What happens when Jaden's brother begins to unleash emotions and feelings Hailey never knew she possessed? Will Jaden Perry regret his actions?


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • brave
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • female lead
  • others
  • enimies to lovers
  • tortured
  • servant


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