My Two Bosses


My Two Bosses

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"...I...I don't know what I did wrong. I apologize if I di..." "You're my mate! But you're f*****g him?!"He interjected with a menacing low...growl. I tried to talk and say something...hell anything to him to try and calm him down but his grip on my arms were becoming unbearable. "ANSWER ME!" I jumped at his tone! Why was he so angry? Did he really just growl at me? And for f***s sake...what is a mate and why does it matter who I'm f*****g? This is my business, not his! "I can smell him all over you." He snarled as he looked at me with pure disgust. He shook his head and released my arms. "I would get a hoe for a mate." Hold on a second, did he just call me a hoe? Before I knew what was happening, I reached up and slapped the shit out of him. At least, that's what my hand felt like I did from the throbbing pain that is now radiating in my hand. The look he gave me, made my heart stop. I could feel the anger boiling inside of him. All of sudden, the sexy ass man who was starring daggers into me, began to growl viciously and...fur was growing out of him in every direction. Within seconds, he was gone and a huge, wild ass beast, bear, panther, dog creature was starring me down and growling at me. All I felt was warm liquid flowing down my legs as he raised his paw to attack me. I screamed and closed my eyes. Preparing myself for the impact...but it never came. I opened my eyes and damn near fainted from the view in front of me. There wasn't just one of them, there's now two of them. And they're fighting!


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