Capsized: The Anchored Series, Book Four


Capsized: The Anchored Series, Book Four

Length: 12hrs 56mins 28 episodesCompleted
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When nightmares walk the Earth... Alora dismantled Terra, just as the Followers of Isis feared she would, freeing its occupants and restoring the magic (and denizens) of the past. Ra is alive and eager to reunite with his family. Alora desperately hopes he will heal Jesse once and for all. But not everyone is pleased, and not everything is as it ought to be... Ra may be powerful and skilled, but he’s also amassed quite a few enemies over the years. As those opposed to his methods assemble against Alora, she must puzzle out the mysteries of her ancient past to solve problems that were never resolved. Can Alora save those she loves without losing herself in the process? Will the world survive the clash of power that was put on hold for millennia? Climb into your pajamas and find a comfy chair. You’re not going to be able to turn this off until the last minute.


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  • Romance


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