Her Bodyguard (Gangster Series Book 2)


Her Bodyguard (Gangster Series Book 2)

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My blood boiled and I gave her a deathly look. She seemed unfazed by it. “How did you know? Who told you?” I asked, closing in on her. “It doesn’t matter who told me. What’s that secret you’re holding Enzo? What really happened to your family?” That was the drop that spilled the glass. I leaned closer, putting one hand on each side of her on the desk. “I don’t seem to recall it being any of your business. My secret is that, a secret. No one knows” ****** After finding her on the floor beaten almost the dead, Enzo can't help but fall for Ava. After his wife and daughter were kidnapped, he had lost hope on ever finding them, and his fear of letting another woman in his life can't seem to leave his soul. What will happen when Ava offers to help him find his family while fighting against her feelings? And will Enzo still love her if they do? Join them on their journey of Love, Family and Enemies along the way.


  • revenge
  • sex
  • family
  • second chance
  • sensitive
  • maffia
  • drama
  • bxg
  • seductive
  • Romance


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