unRepentant: The Birthright Series, Book Six


unRepentant: The Birthright Series, Book Six

Length: 12hrs 45mins 25 episodesCompleted
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Inara, sick of playing the pawn, has decided to up her game. But not all of her new decisions have been positive, and one misstep can have far reaching consequences. Will Inara play nicely, or bring down the entire family in her fury? When you've already lost everything that matters... Inara devoted more than 200 years of her life to serving Alamecha. She gave up on her epic love. She lost her best friend. She protected her sisters, even as they stole her birthright. Her siblings made error after error, and Inara patiently cleaned up their mistakes. Gambling over the future of the world isn't daunting. But when a critical piece of the past comes to light, Inara realizes she sacrificed in vain. Now that she finally knows the truth, Inara is done playing janitor. She's never serving anyone else again. Inara will do whatever it takes to secure the throne for herself - even if that means destroying her mother's legacy.


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