Terrified By My Beta Mate


Terrified By My Beta Mate

Length: 11hrs 03mins 67 episodesCompleted
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I love the fact that he was scared of me, he looked like a prey about to be devoured by his predator knowing that his death was close at hand. I laughed out, his lips looked soft and looked tempting for a kiss. I couldn’t resist the urge any longer as I clasped my lips with his, forcing him to open his mouth to receive me and I pulled him closer to me, deepening the kiss. Sam's dream was to fall in love and have everything with his one true love, his mate. What happens when his mate turns out to be the heartless, playboy beta Emery, who doesn’t give a f**k about mating or believes in love. Emery held a deep secret that not even his past lovers dared reveal in fear of being killed. Will Sam be able to change Emery or will he be changed?


  • LGBT+
  • forced
  • playboy
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • beta
  • omega
  • twisted
  • bxb
  • pack


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