Slave to the Alpha


Slave to the Alpha

Length: 07hrs 58mins 37 episodesCompleted
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Ciara was a seventeen year old house omega. She served the Alpha's family, but served is a loose term. Ciara was a slave to her Alpha's every wish, whim and desire. Cleaning, cooking and other unfathomable things. Not that she enjoyed it or wanted it. Ciara was saving herself for her mate, but no one in the Silver Moon pack was going to stand up against their Alpha or his ranked members to save her- she was all alone. Ciara knew that one day, her destined mate would come for her and save her from the torment the Alpha put her through, or at least that's what she prayed to the Moon Goddess for every single night until her 18th birthday.  What happens when her mate is the worst kind of evil she can imagine. Can Ciara overcome the obstacles in her way and find happiness or will being the Alpha's personal slave keep her locked away for the rest of her days?


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • forced
  • dominant
  • slavery
  • werewolves
  • magical world
  • supernatural
  • tortured


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