Lucifer's Heir (CLASH OF THE MAFIAS)


Lucifer's Heir (CLASH OF THE MAFIAS)

Length: 12hrs 00mins 108 episodesCompleted
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****** This book is rated 18 as it has explicit sex scenes and little brutality**** (Ongoing) Tap the ❤️ to add to your library. ********* "I am Lucifer Morningstar, the devil. " I Said and huffed. The surprise and fear that she had engulfed on her beautiful face was priceless. "What do you want from me?" She stuttered and fidgeted. "I said that I don't know where my husband is." "No, I want you." -- -- -- -- Maze is a very young lady who is from a broken home of a Mafia Don. She was forced to marry a cruel husband and lead an inhuman life until Lucifer came along. Lucifer Morningstar, also a Mafia Don. He is ruthless, demonic and satanic, but then is he truly evil as his name implies? Maze finds love and a baby comes to the bigger picture, but Lucifer already has a life partner. How will it end? Whose heart is the purest that would win the war? ********* 1-2 chapters daily update


  • dark
  • arrogant
  • boss
  • maffia
  • gangster
  • straight
  • evil
  • others
  • war
  • weak to strong
  • Romance


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