Disillusioned: The Birthright Series, Book Three


Disillusioned: The Birthright Series, Book Three

Length: 13hrs 18mins 30 episodesCompleted
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Family can be the best ally - or the worst enemy. The saga continues in the third book in Bridget E. Baker’s The Birthright Series, where trust is the ultimate political weapon. Accept the world as it is... Days before her 18th birthday, Chancery Alamecha has more to worry about than the flowers at her celebration. She’s no closer to learning who killed her mother. Her twin sister is missing, fate unknown. And she’s the new ruler of an empire with abilities she has yet to harness. Or do something to change it... When her first act as a merciful queen is met with resistance, Chancery realizes her mission to improve the world will be harder than expected. She’s attacked on multiple fronts, distrust simmers within her ranks, and her list of allies grows shorter by the day. But to unite the Evian families and gain control of five powerful rings, the most direct path to peace may be through war...


  • revenge
  • scandal
  • bxg
  • Romance


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