Naughty New Love: An Erotic Lesbian Romance - Boxed Set #3 (The Ellis Chronicles)


Naughty New Love: An Erotic Lesbian Romance - Boxed Set #3 (The Ellis Chronicles)

Length: 04hrs 13mins 39 episodesCompleted
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Pleasing Ellis Book 11 - Ellis and Lynn are growing closer and things are heating up between them. As they prepare to move in together Ellis is anxiously awaiting the chance to be intimate with Lynn. Katie doesn't like being on the sidelines and is getting angry about the relationship growing between Ellis and Lynn.Naughty Roomies Book 12 - Ellis and Lynn are finally moving in together after a courtship filled with ex's and family drama. The wait after their first time together is weighing on Ellis and the passion can't be contained any longer, but will another ex cause problems for the new couple.Naughty Ellis Book 13 - Ellis and Lynn are settling in together, becoming closer by the minute. Ellis' naughty ways keep Lynn on her toes as she learns quickly how to satisfy Ellis, but keeping her satisfied is hard. Lynn grows nervous with Ellis' exes lingering in the wings, just waiting to rush in for another chance.Naughty Gifts Book 14 - Ellis surprises Lynn with a birthday party that includes several very naughty gifts and visits from exes proclaiming regret for lost love. Ellis is questioning her feelings for Lynn when Katie shows up at the worst time, uninvited and unwanted with naughty intentions.Naughty Surprise Book 15 - Ellis feels lost since Lynn asked to slow things down, but in the heat of the moment Lynn can't push Ellis away any longer. After weeks apart Ellis welcomes Lynn back to her bed with a big surprise.Naughty Changes Book 16 - Ellis and Lynn struggle with their feelings as Lynn's move to Kentucky approaches, unable to fight their feelings they spend every spare moment together expressing their passion.]]>


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  • gxg


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