Just To Have You


Just To Have You

Length: 07hrs 18mins 30 episodesCompleted
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Luisa Ortega had prepared her entire life to the man her parents had chosen for her but all of a sudden his heart was captured by another. She was destroyed, face slapped and disown for loving Anton Salvatore. She was willing to sacrifice her life, time and heart for him but all she got in return was pain, regret and despair. It took three harsh, but awakening years for Luisa to finally accept that they're not meant to be. And after her redemption, it is now Luisa Ortega's turn to experience a love grander than anyone else.... Alexander Choi, the renowned billionaire and a proclaimed King in the business world, was a man to be feared. Heart of ice, eyes of stone, he is merciless but captivating and handsome. Many woman have tried to garner his attention, but no one had succeeded. That is, until his path unexpectedly collides with Luisa Ortega. Chaos will commence, challenges will arise and drama will ensue. Everything will not be easy for both of them. But then again, what kind of love story it is without the drama? ************


  • revenge
  • second chance
  • powerful
  • self-improved
  • CEO
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • realistic earth
  • Romance


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