The True Northern King - James


The True Northern King - James

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*Book Four* “Happy birthday your highness,” a beautiful older woman said. She bowed elegantly and then moved a little out of the way to make room for a younger version of her. She couldn’t be older than eleven maybe. “Serina, bow for the prince. It is his birthday,” she said. The young girl was dressed in this awful pink dress that made her look like a big pillow or something. I almost wanted to laugh at the sight, yet despite the ugliness of her dress, she was still very pretty. She had this long blond hair and these very blue eyes. I had no idea why it was so hard for me to look away and why I felt almost a need to tease her and the ugly dress she was wearing. “Happy birthday, prince,” she said in this small and very light voice. I wanted to roll my eyes at it. Who even had such a light voice? She curtsied as she wished me a happy birthday and then slowly looked up. I just smiled a bit cruelly and then looked away, making it look like I was awfully bored by her. She didn’t like that, and I could even hear her huff. For some reason I liked her reaction. It was fun to see, and I wanted to make her even angrier. Her cheeks got this funny red color. James the protective older brother, the peacemaker and the future king. He was believed to lead the North into a great future, but as it is already known, the North never became his. He was used by his uncle and eventually died, but every great king always has a story behind them. This one is ... his. Recommended to read: A Dragon's Call, A Dragon's Love and A Dragon's fight


  • Fantasy
  • family
  • powerful
  • brave
  • confident
  • prince
  • king
  • serious
  • magical world
  • dragons
  • tortured


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