Daddy's naughty Princess


Daddy's naughty Princess

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Slowly I bent over, letting my shirt ride up over my ass. I pretended to search the fridge, knowing he had a perfect view of my ass and dripping pussy. Well, as perfect as he could have in the moonlight. I felt him move closer and put his hand on my pussy, sort of cupping it. "God, you're so hot." he whispered. I kept my face in the fridge and maintained my position. He fingered my wet lips for a moment and then I felt him slide a finger into my cunt and I gasped. "So fucking tight too, are you a virgin?" "Yes," I breathed. My heart was in my throat. I kept thinking that if my mother came in now she would kill us both, but if he stopped fingering my pussy I would die. "You have a dildo, though?" "Yes. A small one." "Still, good practice. You have a beautiful pussy. I've been thinking about it all day." he said, wiggling his finger inside me, then removing it and running his fingers lightly over the lips. "My back is starting to hurt," I heard myself say. I hadn't even realized it until I said it. I had stood bent over for too long with no support. I suddenly became aware of my breasts hanging free and slightly swaying with my movement. "Just another minute. I don't have time to fuck you tonight but I want a preview of what I get to have tomorrow."


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