Money Slap My Cheated Ex


Money Slap My Cheated Ex

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"Is that you, Simon? It's me, Uncle James! Have you seen Katya?" "Uncle James? Katya?" Simon was confused. It took him a while to process what he had heard. With a suspicious expression, he looked up and down the beautiful, tall, blue-eyed, and blonde woman in front of him. "You mean the woman with a mole around her mouth, who drives a Bentley?" "Yep, that's her. What do you think? Is she good enough? I hired her as your PA." Cheerful laughter came from the other end of the line. "Oh, by the way, I've wired some pocket money into your account. It should be in by now. Let's start with $20 million. If you need more, let me know. You've really suffered in the past two years…" "Huh?" Simon widened his eyes in disbelief.


  • Urban
  • drama
  • twisted
  • humorous
  • kicking
  • faceslapping
  • harem
  • poor to rich
  • weak to strong


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