The Origin


The Origin

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**BOOK COMPLETED** (Please #Vote# for the chapters you like best!! I appreciate your support! Thank you for being my amazing readers!! Happy reading!) **Dreame Love Story Contest** Please VOTE for The Origin:) Hello Lovely People! This is the author! Thank you all for reading my first book on Dreame. I have completed and edited all the chapters for this book. Happy reading :D ----- “MATE!” I heard in between my ears from my normally extremely quiet wolf. I looked around confused and Lydia growled happily. “MATE!” She shouted again. I cleared my throat, trying not to get my hopes up and chuckled. She must be playing a trick on me. Mate? Please. I'm 27 years old and never caught a whiff of the guy. It’s been almost ten years since I became of age, and I haven’t necessarily been a hermit that whole time. I’ve traveled the world and no sign of them. Yeah, what are the odds? “You want to hear something funny, uncle?” He turned and laughed at me as we walked down the stairs. When we reached the marble floor my heels clacked against the tiles. “What's up, little Alpha?” He asked pinching my cheek slightly. He was almost 7'4, but when he called me that nickname, it was a form of endearment that he picked up from my father a long time ago. Probably before they realized I had stopped growing. So, I let it pass. Now that my father is gone, Johnny’s the only one left that can call me that. I chuckled again. “Lydia thinks we have found our mate. Ridiculous, right?” I looked down at the hem of my dress to make sure it made it along with me. I wasn't really used to wearing this much of an outfit. It's a lot. That and either way, I'm the Origin Shifter. I already looked through all the books the Origin Witch gave me, and it already said not one Origin Shifter has ever found their mate, except for the Original. While Drac – I still cannot believe I call him behind his back that after all these years – and the Origin Witch both have life partners. Oh well. I guess it just wasn't in the cards. It just would be nice if Lydia would stop adding salt in the wound and screaming ‘Mate!’ every seven seconds. “Uh...Esa...” I smiled and looked up from my fidgeting and ignored my self-pity to look over at Johnny. “Yeah, What's up?” “I…uh…don't think it's ridiculous.” Why was he so fidgety? I tilted my head confused again before a rush of an intoxicating scent overwhelmed me. The smell of fresh rain in a redwood forest. I turned in shock and I could feel my face redden as a Lycan approached my uncle and me. I gasped, feeling the sheer dominance radiating over his chiseled muscles restrained underneath that rather perfect dark grey suit and black button up. His polished black dress shoes slammed against the floor with authority and everything in my soul wanted me to run to him, but my human half clenched hold of my uncle’s arm in sheer fear. Once we finally stood face to face, I felt Johnny wrench his arm away from me and bow on one knee with his fist clenched and pressing into the floor. He rested his other arm on the other side of his upright knee and looked down at the ground. “King Lycan.” “K-King?” I whispered more inaudible than I thought was possible. He growled deeply and the room fell silent. Even a couple other people were kneeling now…well…everyone was kneeling now, but I couldn’t move from my spot. Why couldn’t I move? He breathed heavily and looked over my flushed cheeks with those royal blue orbs increasing my body heat the longer they assessed me. I, an Alpha, froze in fear. “MINE!” Bellowed throughout the room and I, Eliesa McRylan, shook in my heels. ---------- Eliesa is a young woman growing into her power. She is training and fighting hard with all of her warriors to save herself from the demons that are after her and the world that can sometimes...well...most of the time...fight against her and her pack's happiness. When she finds her mate, Fallon, she wasn't expecting to have a mate, let alone the King Lycan. Will she be able to maintain her power in the world while creating a relationship and keeping her and her warriors safe? Read on to find out....


  • Paranormal
  • mate
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • confident
  • luna
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • secrets
  • supernatural
  • passionate


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