The Billionaire’s Conquest


The Billionaire’s Conquest

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“I was given a note for you” the rider said to Estephan “Most probably her number” Raymond said interrupting. “Okay hand it over” Estephan said to the rider. “My money first” the rider replied. He was business minded, Estephan appreciated that at least “Sure” Estephan said and looking into his wallet handed 2 hundred dollar notes and in exchange the rider handed over Diane’s note. Estephan and Raymond got into the car and Estephan opened the note. The first thing he did was to turn the other side of the paper. That could have not been all she wrote, was that what he paid 200 dollars to get? As his facial expression changed he let go of the paper and it fell to the floor. Raymond on noticing the facial expression his friend wore and the way the paper left his hand, he bent down and picked it up. It was simply written with just 2 letters and with capitalization, “NO”. ———————— Never having to toil to get the affection or attention of any woman is excellent; actually, having a woman fall at your feet without having to say a word is a bliss. Does it have any downside? Does it make you utterly ignorant of all the rules of courtship? Estephan has to do what he dreads the most "courting a lady" to win Diane's love. Estephan is a proud, rude and entitled billionaire who now aims to conquer and win Diane's heart. Diane is a well principled and rigid lady who has made up her mind on all issues concerning love and has no intention to continue searching for Prince Charming. She was a victim of an almost wedding as her fiancé ran off with another lady just a night to her big day. She has experienced all the downsides of love and is convinced that going down that path is an entirely worthless process. The door to her heart is wholly shut and will take nothing less than a miracle to take down those walls. After the encounter between them, Estephan gets his ego deeply wounded by Diane's rejection, and he is determined to make her his by all means possible. Will He succeed? Will she remain a conquest?


  • billionaire
  • sex
  • independent
  • self-improved
  • drama
  • comedy
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • secrets
  • stubborn
  • Romance


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