Forbidden Secrets


Forbidden Secrets

Length: 13hrs 32mins 62 episodesCompleted
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Completed. Talented and vivacious entrepreneur Gabriel Mathews looks like he has it all. At 27 he is crowned the topmost eligible Billionaire Bachelor and with a title like that, he has woman throwing themselves at him. He wants for nothing, and to the outside world, including his family, it looks like he has it all. But with fame and fortune comes responsibility, long hours, mistrust, and loneliness. Unable to hold down a relationship, Gabe struggles with the one thing missing from his life, a significant other to share it with. Gabe is desperate to find someone who he can trust, accepts his flaws (of which he has many) and can look past his money and fame and see him for who he is and love him for it. Easier said than done when you refuse to give anyone a chance. He meets an enigmatic, confident and sexy older woman who has her eyes set on making him hers. She has no scruples and it would seem she is prepared to do anything to make it happen. Gabe finds his resolve weakening, but when he meets his older brother's new Nanny, things take an unexpected turn in Gabe’s life. Not everything is quite what it seems and he finds himself intrigued and fascinated by both women, who are ultimately polar opposites of one another. Each woman has an agenda very different from the other, and Gabe gets caught in a game of lust, denial, secrets and lies, and dare he say it…. Love. Where will this journey take him? You’ll have to read to find out…


  • Steamy Stories
  • confident
  • drama
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • ambitious
  • city
  • lies
  • secrets
  • gorgeous
  • Forbidden


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