The Secret Admirer


The Secret Admirer

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Trying to avoid a scandal at her previous job, Vanessa Mae Abella decided to get a new job and into a different city. This prompted her to move into a new neighborhood as well. She meets four men who have all shown a romantic interest in her: a teenage student, a creepy married neighbor, a persistent workmate, and her boss. Julian, the teenage student is the mysterious bad boy type who Vanessa can’t help but be attracted to. He doesn’t seem to want to talk to her, but they can’t really avoid each other since they are neighbors. His parents have decided to be friendly towards her, even inviting her at their home to have dinner every once in a while. Karl, the creepy married neighbor on the other hand makes every effort to get close to Vanessa. Whenever he gets the chance, he talks to her and becomes too touchy for her liking. She has been avoiding her but he just seems to be everywhere. Ross, the persistent workmate, started pursuing Vanessa as she started her job in their company. He has asked her out multiple times, but she has refused her as many times. She just doesn’t like her the way he does. Besides, she doesn’t want to pursue a workplace relationship anymore. Gabriel is Vanessa’s good-looking boss, who is aloof towards everyone. When Vanessa gets to know him better, she finds out that she’s a motivational boss, very warm and kind-hearted. Aside from these men in her life, she also starts getting notes from a secret admirer who starts off as sweet, and eventually turns obsessive and threatening. Who will Vanessa end up with? Who among the men in Vanessa's life is her secret admirer? Will this anonymous stalker eventually get his way and fulfill his sexual desires towards her?


  • sex
  • age gap
  • independent
  • neighbor
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • city
  • offifice/work place
  • secrets
  • colleagues to lovers
  • Romance


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