Taming My Omega Mate


Taming My Omega Mate

Length: 14hrs 07mins 95 episodesCompleted
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Jayden Deshawn had not expected to meet his mate in this awkward situation; he had expected to meet them at the ceremony when he took his throne as the next Alpha of the Dark Wood pack, but here he was, staring at his mate while his c**k was buried in the hole of another Omega. The worst part was that his mate wasn’t just any Omega, but the Omega he had been in love with for so many years and who was scared of him. Jayden knew he had reduced his chances of ever winning Damien Cornell’s heart, but he wasn’t about to give up no matter how hard things got. He vowed to himself that he would win the Omega’s heart and tame him before his twentieth birthday. Will Jayden be able to win Damien’s heart, or will Damien continue to hate him for the pain he has caused him?


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • omega
  • bxb
  • campus
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers
  • rejected
  • virgin
  • passionate
  • seductive


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