HIS OBSESSION(Sequel to The Mafia's Nanny)


HIS OBSESSION(Sequel to The Mafia's Nanny)

Length: 04hrs 52mins 35 episodesCompleted
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Karen was In a sweet relationship with her darling husband, Jake, when she found out about her pregnancy, just at that time, she notices the sudden change in Jake. Their marriage clashed into unsorted pieces when Karen caught Jake with another woman in his office and it results to the ending of every relationship between the two. 4 years later, Karen is leading a life with her daughter and 3 year old son, just when she thought their life could go easily, circumstances brought Jake back into her life. And he'll do anything to have her back. Anything!


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • sex
  • escape while being pregnant
  • second chance
  • kickass heroine
  • CEO
  • maffia
  • drama
  • sweet
  • cheating
  • Romance


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