Mighty Mason


Mighty Mason

Length: 06hrs 10mins 34 episodesCompleted
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Mighty Mason is the a paranormal urban fiction which tells the tale of a young high school teen who's awkward social life takes an amazing twist when he is selected to protect the ninth universe by a body of supernatural beings better known as the supreme guardian council. Mason encounters many adventures; some which narrowly result in his death. Along the way, Mason gathers a team of heroes with paranormal abilities just like him, while he prepares for a foreseen doomsday war. Mason's archenemy known as Lord Naphtaloz is obsessed with taking over the entire galaxy and insists that his evil scheme can only be accomplished by taking out the protagonist. Mason's teammates are Cherry - who is the daughter of Mason's archenemy, Catriona and Madonna who all her have unsavory childhood stories and they come together to battle evil while putting their lives on the line. Mason is constantly driven by the statement "With great powers come great responsibility" Mighty Mason possesses high pitches of comedy and suspense among many others.


  • Paranormal
  • sensitive
  • superhero
  • comedy
  • sweet
  • mystery
  • multiverse
  • friendship
  • superpower
  • supernatural


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