Short Stories on Sex and Romance


Short Stories on Sex and Romance

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Prepare to fall in love and be pleasured in another level. Teaser on first short story: He looked down at me, then his demeanor changed. His eyes darken, his breathing became ragged, his jaw set. “Jeff?” I whispered to him. “Chesca.” He lifted his hand to my face and caressed my cheekbone. His other hand went around my waist forcing me to turn around to face a full-length mirror on a wall. I gasped at what I saw. Blush crept on my face, feeling embarrassed. I was again wearing white. My wet blouse clung to my body, outlining my curves. I could not hide my heaving chest from him, as he is holding both of my hands behind me. He turned me around and said, “Look at me, Chesca.” I shook my head. “Look. At. Me.” He lifted his hand to cup my chin and force me to look up. The moment I look in his eyes, I have lost and let go. I met Jeff half-way for that most awaited kiss. No hold barred, only intense lip-lock. We were both moaning, our hands all over each other. While my hands trembled unbuttoning his shirt, it took only a moment for Jeff to take my blouse off and my bra. His hand had pushed down my pants along with my panties, leaving me bare. In mere seconds, I had also unbuckled his belt and pushed down his pants. Jeff was groping my butt and raised me to his level. I circled my legs around his waist, my core brushing against his d**k. This contact alone made my arousal go up to another level, making my vagina wet. Jeff had pinned me to the wall, while we both ravish each other’s mouth. “Oh, Jeff.” His mouth descended to the side of my neck and nibble on it. “Oooh…” “You like it, Chesca? I have been meaning to f**k you the first day I’ve met you.” He gave me a swift kiss on the lips and rested his forehead on mine. “You don’t know how much I wanted you.”


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  • opposites attract
  • second chance
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