Mistress To The Billionaire


Mistress To The Billionaire

Length: 12hrs 20mins 111 episodesCompleted
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"Hello, Mr. William. I am Dr. Katherine Taylor and I am here for an interview." I introduced myself, holding my hand out for a shake. " I want to fuck you, Doc. I want you to become my mistress for the nights and my mother's doctor for the day." the billionaire announced taking me back with his sudden words. " Excuse me, what did you just say?" I asked with gritted teeth. " I said I want to fuck you and want you to become my mistress." the man said the words again and began to take slow steps towards me with a hungry gaze. Dr. Katherine Taylor was forcefully sent for the job at the arrogant billionaire's place by her hospital director. But, when she went for the interview at the billionaire's place. She caught the attention of Eden Williams, the famous and arrogant billionaire. He asked her to become his mistress to which Katherine refused. Eden Williams always gets what he wants and this time he wanted the beautiful doctor and to get her on his bed he blackmailed her by her weakness and succeeded in making Katherine his mistress. Eden fell in love with Katherine and was planning to propose to her by arranging a surprise when everything went downhill after he received some information that tears his and Katherine's world apart.


  • billionaire
  • pregnant
  • playboy
  • mistress
  • doctor
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • offifice/work place
  • Romance


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