Her Price for Billionaire's One Night Stand


Her Price for Billionaire's One Night Stand

Length: 07hrs 55mins 75 episodesCompleted
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“Don’t regret it later,” the hoarse voice speaks. He is kissing me aggressively as if he were a hungry animal who found its favorite prey. “Give me more...” I heard a sigh, and then, a soft giggle. “You asked for this.” *** Madeline was cheated by her jerk boyfriend. She got drunk that night, swearing to take revenge. She was too drunk to make the boldest request ever to a handsome stranger: Have s*x with her. But she'd never expected him to be a famous billionaire, a playboy in disguise, an interviewee she must work with. What's more, she'd become his contract wife. It's just a one-night stand. She thought. But he won't let her go.


  • billionaire
  • one-night stand
  • friends to lovers
  • city
  • Romance


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