Toxic Love of Broken Billionaire


Toxic Love of Broken Billionaire

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Warning *****Mature Content (18+) ****** (STANDALONE- First Part of Toxic Love Series) Zayan I Zayan Abbasi was a man recognized for his brutality behind the cover of my silence. But then she came along with a fire that melted me. When I saw her fiery eyes vaguely for the first time I wanted to let her in. The next time she came to me willingly I vowed to never let go. I kept to my word and dragged her to the world that was dark and sadistic like my soul. She had secrets and I did too but when she discovered mine I made her slave to my desires and that was when she lost herself and I realized that she was the one for me. She wanted love and I gave her pain. She wanted someone to hold her tight and I pushed her through the edge. She wanted hope to live and I snatched her will to stay put. I loved her and she loved me and that kept us together until two broken beings became one. NAAYA I was a girl in a foreign land, lost and baffled and then I met him, Zayan Abbasi. We met and he captured me by the hate that brewed in him. I had secrets buried deep in me. He made me a slave to his desires and that was when he discovered the dark side of me but it was too late to pull me back from the darkness he chose for me. I sunk into the hole he dug for me. I vowed to make him pay and then I did. I returned with the power that made him kneel and that was when I discovered the real Zayan Abbasi. The one so different from the one I witnessed. I made him pay but gave him a chance to prove again. Will, he ever changes or it was eternal damnation for me? What will happen when two broken souls meet...Will, it results in CHAOS or PEACE? In the fight of Peace or Chaos who would win? Read to Discover More.


  • billionaire
  • HE
  • manipulative
  • dare to love and hate
  • bxg
  • abuse
  • secrets
  • slow burn
  • weak to strong
  • punishment
  • Romance


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