A Beta's Half-Blood


A Beta's Half-Blood

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“Get out,” I told him. “Are you going to come with me?” he asked calmly. “I already gave you my answer!” He shook his head. “Are you going to come with me, sweet Harper, or am I going to have to take you with kicking and screaming, because I promised I would,” he told me. I walked closer and jabbed my finger into his chest. “You don’t get to do anything to me! Or tell me what to do! I make my own choices and I do not let myself be bullied, so you and my father, and my cousin and who else out there, who won’t leave me ALONE, can go to hell!” I sneered angrily. “I am not leaving!” “That is your final answer?” “Do I need to repeat myself?” I asked and crossed my arms. “I. Am. Not. Leaving!” He nodded slowly, and then grabbed his jacket that was laying on the back of the chair. “Very well,” he said. “Just remember this moment.” “What?” “The moment you had a choice,” he told me. Harper is not just stubborn, she is very protective of herself, and she has been let down enough for a lifetime. So, she decided she would never let anyone have control over her again. Her life was the one thing, she could decide over, and she would not let anyone bully her into thinking, they knew better. Her decision was final. She would never fall for any wolf or ever get sucked into their world, but what she hasn't expected was the power of Archer. Archer is not kind. He is not gentle. He has a darkness that has flourished under Hunter's rule. He is the wolf, who wants to claim Harper, even if it means breaking her down into pieces and rebuild her. She can hate him, but she can never leave him. He will make her his, even if it means k*dnapping her, chaining her and keep her hidden away. She will accept him, because he will never let her go. *Book Nine* Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love, A Second Chance Mate, A Luna's Broken Heart, An Alpha's Choice, An Alpha's Dark Secret, A Luna's Power and An Alpha's Favor


  • Paranormal
  • dark
  • possessive
  • forced
  • dominant
  • beta
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • supernature earth
  • surrender
  • brutal


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