His Mate His Sex Slave


His Mate His Sex Slave

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" Strip " He commanded loathly. His voice cold as ice! Daciana's amber eyes stared at him in mortal terror. Terrified, scared and petrified. " I hate repeating myself female, undress yourself " he added icily. Daciana forced back the tears that threatened to fall. She has never seen a raw hatred for her in any wolf's eyes than she is seeing in Alpha Connor's eyes. Fear slid through her, her hand trembled as she undress herself. Her eyes sting with tears . He walked closer to her and ripped her top into pieces exposing her firm breasts leaving her fully naked. Lust, desire and hatred filled his eyes. " Get on the bed, lie on your back, spread your legs wide and face up " Her legs warbled on the floor taking herself to the bed. No amount of tears will stop him from hurting her. Again, she did as instructed preparing her mind for what is to come. She heard riffles of clothes tearing and soon, she felt him between her legs. She stiffened at his touch! His touch were as cold as his eyes. His manhood rub her legs as if looking for something. She could hear him growl, his big muscular body blanketed hers. His laboured breath burned her neck. Finally, he found the hole he was looking for and with no warning, he thrust into her aggressively. For the first time in a long time, Alpha Connor half shift into his rouge. He allowed his beast take over completely. He is not promising not to hurt her. He excessively pinned her down, his rouge snarled, his thrusts into her became harder just the way his eyes morphed into different dark colours. She is his mate yet, his hatred for her is raw and deep. The Alpha king's tower was silent, only the painful screams of a female and the loud snarl of the Alpha was heard in the tower.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • HE
  • opposites attract
  • shifter
  • curse


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