Wife By Benefits ✔️


Wife By Benefits ✔️

Length: 07hrs 27mins 37 episodesCompleted
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Losing his wife by a ghastly accident Nathaniel Carter turns from being a husband to becoming a housewife. Now left to cater for this three years old son and his four months old daughter Nathaniel finds a huge challenge in that; 1) He doesn't have any knowledge or experience. 2) The business became a huge struggle. 3) Nonsupport due to his independent ways. How hard and frustrating can it be? So he thought until Samantha, His wife's younger sister came knocking his door. What Benefits can she gain in the family she longer hoped for? A wife? Or a Mother?


  • billionaire
  • dark
  • one-night stand
  • CEO
  • billionairess
  • heir/heiress
  • genius
  • virgin
  • Romance


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