Blossom in their hearts


Blossom in their hearts

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“Stop staring at them Blossom. I can help you with that.” A deep and husky voice snapped me out of the moment. I turned my eyes to see who spoke to me and I was greeted by the most beautiful set of green eyes that eyed me deeply. It looked like he had seen right through me and what I was wishing for at the moment, but of course, I couldn’t let him know that. “And who are you?” was the first thing that came into my mind. Those eyes though. Still not moving from mine. “You can call me Knight, as I am going to be your knight in the shining armour and save you from this place and your need for that..” he pointed to the couple I was watching. A quick laugh escaped my mouth. Who did he think he was? I didn’t need THAT. And if so, I didn’t need HIM for that. I was more than capable of finding someone by myself, thank you very much. “Thank you, love, but I was not staring and to tell you more I wouldn't ask your help for that..” I snapped at him. A smirk formed into his lips (Oh those lips, full, juicy. I could kiss and bite those lips. Argh..Maybe I had enough to drink). “I love your nickname better, Blossom. Anyway, you were staring and when you are ready to admit that to yourself, come find me. ”Having said that he stood up and left, but not before kissing the top of my head. (Sweet


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  • drama
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