Her Dirty little Secret


Her Dirty little Secret

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A glance led to a kiss, a kiss led to the bed and the bed led to a world of secrets, lies, and betrayal. "Tell me you didn't enjoy it, you didn't enjoy the way I ravaged your body. I can see how you're shifting in your seat, you're missing me being between your voluptuous thighs" he says smirking at me. He's right I can feel my body calling me a liar, making me wish we were in his bed again. I couldn't lie to him, my body was already trembling from him being so close. But I wouldn't dare confirm his thoughts, so I sit staring biting my bottom lip until I could taste a hint of blood on my tongue. The metallic venom spreading across my lips only causing explicit memories of the last time we had a similar encounter. I stare into his cold dark eyes and notice him inching towards me from his side of the table. My breath caught in my throat and my chest feeling hollow. He's now in front of me and his scent is filling my nostrils causing me to swoon and with one swoop of his arms I'm now pressed against his chest, his tongue is tickling my lips tasting the stained blood inducing the sexual tension between us. Before I can protest his tongue is dancing inside of my mouth and time stands still.


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