Alpha's Marriage With Benefits


Alpha's Marriage With Benefits

Length: 10hrs 08mins 72 episodesCompleted
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Bell and Taylor have been friends since they were kids. They were the best of friends until they grew up. Everything seems too good for them and they seem to be inseparable. Even their parents thought that something was going on between them. That's why Bell's father suspected that they were lovers. When she got food poisoning from her friend's restaurant, her father thought that she's pregnant. He immediately talked to Taylor's parents to arrange their marriage without even consulting them. But Taylor has some secrets, aside from the fact that he's secretly in love with Bell, and he's also a werewolf. Even his family had no idea that he got bitten by one during their family trip. He never told anyone about his condition and even Bell had no idea about it. Their marriage will happen soon and she will find out that he is a werewolf. But Taylor will not miss the chance to get married to his destined mate. The one that the moon goddess blessed him to be with. But the only problem is, Bell doesn't feel the same way about him.


  • alpha
  • love after marriage
  • friends to lovers
  • bxg
  • lighthearted
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • sassy
  • stubborn
  • Romance


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