Future Luna


Future Luna

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Kinsley is a 17-year-old girl who is from the Blue moon pack. She is also a high school student along with her best friend Hailey and her twin sister Delilah. Kinsley is a super-smart she-wolf, who is graduating early and attending pre-med school. Kinsley has dreams of being a doctor, when she graduates high school, she is a straight-A student And the valedictorian of her class. She does not want to find her mate yet. As she believes that a mate will slow you down and you lose your identity, to them. She does want a mate but only after she makes something for herself, so she is not in a hurry to have a mate right now. But when she meets the bad boy of the Red Moon Pack. Her world is turned upside down. "Ryder" is the next Alpha, of the Red Moon Pack. Who has a reputation of being a bad boy and a lady's man? Unlike Kinsley, Ryder is looking for his mate and future luna of his pack "The Red Moon Pack." Ryder and the Red moon pack believe that if the Alpha finds his mate, that not only is the Alpha stronger and untouchable but the pack is as well. Ryder and his two best friends Andy who is the next Gamma of the Red Moon pack and Blake who is Beta of the Red Moon pack, all attend the same school as Kinsley and her friends. A third pack the sliver moon pack also attends school with them. All three packs have joined together to be stronger. Watch what happens when they all turn 18 find out who their mates are. Will Kinsley leave her mate, and go to pre-med school? Will Ryder leave his bad-boy reputation behind?


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • sex
  • kickass heroine
  • confident
  • drama
  • sweet
  • lighthearted
  • highschool
  • pack
  • virgin


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