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Caelan has everything. He enjoys the company of women, but love is never his thing when it comes to a relationship. Scarlette is a firm believer in love. Love makes everything whole. Love always wins. "Bear me your heart and I'll bear you mine." A pained moan escaped my lips when I felt my arms ache from seemingly deprived of sensations, and I fathomed out I had been bounded arms and legs, moreover, my legs were spread wide open with each foot being strapped, my heart drummed in fear. As I pulled against the soft knots, the stinging around my wrists intensified; although it was softly laced, the fear made everything in me sensitive to all sensations running wild within me, shaking me to the core. Apart from that, I am rendered sightless because a silk blindfold blocked my eyes. "Stop tugging your arms. It's ineffectual." My mouth hung open in a silent gasp when I recognized the owner of the voice. My heart was propelled forcibly like I was kicked by a big truck. "Caelan..." I whispered. "In the flesh, though not before your eyes," I could hear the smirk in his voice. The fear of being abducted by some unknown lunatic was gone, but was replaced with apprehension knowing that I was helpless on the bed and he was the prime suspect! "Why are you doing this Caelan, are you out of your sanity?" I growled. "Untie me! Let. Me. Go!" My voice rose in octave, accentuating my order as I tugged desperately at the restraints. I felt the space beside me plunge, making my heart pound. A gasp left me when I felt his mouth on my earlobe, causing me to hold my breath for seconds. "Caelan... This is... abduction," I said softly, trying to calm my racing heartbeat when his hot breath brushed my skin, making all the hairs on my skin stand up in attention. He chuckled wickedly. "Sshh...this isn't abduction, honey. This is taking what's mine." He said then took my earlobe between his teeth, making me gasp for air. (MATURE READERS ONLY)


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