Enemies Lover


Enemies Lover

Length: 15hrs 17mins 76 episodesCompleted
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Nina and her three brothers have been moving all around the world ever since Nina was eight years old. They never really stayed in one place for too long and never had a place to call home. Nina is a witch and her brothers are warlocks and as far as they knew, they were the last of their kind. Their kind was wiped out during a war between werewolves and other supernatural beings. Witches and warlocks were seen as threats to other supernatural beings for having magic. Even though witches and warlocks tried to live in peace, all supernatural's seen their magic as a powerful threat. But years pass and now Nina and her brothers have moved to a new peaceful little town that they thought would be a great place to settle down and have a permanent place to call home. Nina and her brothers soon find that the town is not far from the world's largest and strongest werewolf pack known to the supernatural world. Even though Nina and her brothers have been under the radar for years, using magic to hide the scent that gives away their kind. They decide to stay in the town but must be careful not to attract any wolves. However, Nina then discovers that the Alpha of the pack is none other than her mate. Will the Alpha accept her as his gift from the moon goddess when he finds out about her blood tie? Will Nina forgive and forget the past and accept Hecate's gift? But most importantly why did their goddesses pair them as mates... . . ENEMIES SERIES ORDER: 1) Enemies Rejection (prequel) 2) Enemies Lover 3) Enemies Heritage (Coming Soon)


  • Fantasy
  • mate
  • witch/wizard
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • enimies to lovers
  • secrets
  • witchcraft
  • special ability
  • war


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