Thirty Nights with the Alpha King


Thirty Nights with the Alpha King

Length: 08hrs 25mins 57 episodesCompleted
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Addy is sent to live with her grandparents at their remote ranch in northeastern Utah to recover from a chronic illness. Although she is left angry and frustrated, she finds that reconnecting with her childhood friend, Nick, brings happiness back into her life once again, and she begins to fall in love with him. Little does she know that Nick is actually a werewolf, beholden by an ancient curse to protect the land around the ranch from demons and other evil creatures. When Nick and Addy fall through a portal into the Demon Realm, they encounter the King of Alphas, who rules over all the werewolf clans in this mysterious world. Addy and Nick are stuck in the Demon Realm until the next full moon, and the king makes an intriguing proposition: She may return to her world after thirty nights, but only if she can resist falling in love with him. Will Addy be able to resist the sexy and mysterious King of Alphas? Or will she stay true to Nick? *** “I have a proposition,” he smirks, his eyes glinting mischievously. “You will remain here at the castle until the next full moon. If you don’t fall in love with me by then, I will let you go. However, if you do fall for me, you will remain here as my queen, and I will make all your dreams come true.” He brushes his nose against mine, sending shivers of electricity through my body. “But rest assured, my lady, that I will do everything in my power to make sure things go my way.”


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • dark
  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • sex
  • fated
  • mate
  • king
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • royal


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